Our latest projects on web development,
mobile development and web design


MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node, Bootstrap, HTML5

Website and forum for pet lovers. On website you can register yourself and your animals, create posts, upload photos, share on social networks
(Facebook, Twitter etc.)

G.A. Paper

HTML, Bootstrap, Static

SEO friendly static HTML site

My Pest Solutions

Wordpress (Avada theme), Google Page Speed

Information's website

Contra Drafting

WordPress, Google Page speed Optimization

Using this system, clients can send the balance to a large number of users of the cellular network.

Phoenix Creditor

MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node, Bootstrap, HTML5, Ionic

Web application and mobile application. Mini-Billing system.


MEAN, MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node. Booking system, Paypal, Payment Gateway

Project for search and rent a yacht.